hi everyone I hope that you have all under the course documents and magenta title that says videos and listen to lecture dealing with narrative essay the image up there was really really clear in particular video about five parts of the essay specifically for the narrative and just as a brief review here the story arc for the narrative it includes the first paragraph called the exposition which is the introduction of the main characters the setting just kind of leading your reader into this life story that you’re going to tell this life’s lesson that you’re going to tell and of course the very last sentence of that introduction is your thesis statement if you remember the second paragraph in the narrative is the rising action this is not a crisis begins more characters in crisis we find out what’s happening what is it that you may have done incorrectly you morally however your story’s going this is when these this accident actually happened it’s going to teach you your lesson this is the resolution of that crisis that you met in the climax things are easing off we’re going to see how this happens to end in this evolving action and then the fifth the fifth paragraph of the narrative essay is referred to as the day movie the untying of all the threads the resolution and it is here where you restate your thesis statement and you kind of and explain the lesson that you learned we can create that or place that into values and they learn a lesson from your experience today say that a student here at PTI a narrative essay and it explains these five sections of the narrative beautifully and I feel that for some of you if you see an example of this essay and we read it together and the parts together that you will truly understand which one your essay should form now this first part is referred to as the exposition and remember that is the introduction of the main characters the setting and so forth have you take a look at this young man’s introduction he says he’s for he starts with a quote which is an excellent hook for any type of essay and he writes have you ever heard the saying monkey see monkey do you have or dangerous behavior that’s getting hurt and like many people after witnessing I have followed suit yesterday the time I ran with the big boys and the disaster that ensued the boy was full of screaming little kids as opposed to few absent minded parental units that late afternoon the Sun was shining through the canopies of the large oak trees and the wind was whipping through the leaves the speaking noise of the musty derelict merry-go-round was filling my ears I was young about six or seven I was in the first grade and my mom had signed me up for an after-school program that the Salvation Army was hosting it was there in that harmless peaceful playground do you see how he lets us his description just see this wonderful peaceful playground beautiful day the canopy of the trees the derelict merry-go-round he really gives us a nice description of this we can if you visualize in our minds this little six-year-old boy running around playing in the playground parents are watching but yet they’re off you know kind of chatting with one another everyone’s relaxing a little bit and he lets us know he’s gonna follow these big guys and that thesis statement right there he mentions in that harmless peaceful playground he ends up playing at the paying a visit to the hospital so this is his exposition his introductory paragraph with his thesis statement paragraph two which deals with the rising action notice it’s not excessively long but he does let us know what happens to cause the climax says I was riding the merry-go-round went over the squeaking of its gears each other and teasing the little girls laughing as the little girls ran off screaming one of the boys decided it would be cool if he jumped off the top of the slide we as his milling posse he climbed the ladder to the top of the slide and waved and then he jumped off the slide so here we have the rising action you see what’s going to happen we’re starting to see oh this is probably going to end up trouble with him but here we go this is what this is the action that’s taking place the climax here we’re going to see what happens to our hero he states a group of young impressionable boy SWAT breathlessly below as he flew through the air in the slide upon landing on his feet he laughed and waved his cheering friends me included within the blink of an eye five or six screaming up boys charged towards the rungs of the ladder eager to be the next one to jump over the side we impatiently waited in line was one by one we jumped off the slide when it was my turn my footsteps making soft thuds against the metal upon reaching the top I looked down at the waiting crowd noise behind me impatiently pushing at me to jump me down the angry yells in the waiting room quays sealed my fate he jumped off the slide a twisted and turned I’m piping down but all fun comes to an end including mine with a sickly crunch I stopped at the ground pain was racing up my shoulder what tears flowed down my face I should have known that those tears and the stabbing pain in my arm were the pregnant to the hospital and to attach what happens to our hero whatever he does this Dare makes this here with our falling action we are going to see the resolution of the crisis we’re going to see what happens to him as a result jumping since science filled the playground except for my whimpering cries I had over jumped and had landed on my arm against a tree trunk the heavy weight of my body collided with my arm snapping it completely into the adults who were marching house ran over and asked the group of boys standing around me when it happened they said I have it hurt myself the supervisor of the youth program collected me in her arms and rushed me inside to get some ice while I’m sat inside my mom’s called and the supervisor told her in the situation she truly were to the building we were in and put me in the car then we drove to the hospital the doctors took x-rays of my arm and concluded that I had indeed broken my arm the doctors set the bones and placed my arm in a blue cast after the hospital it would be four weeks before I was allowed to move so we see what this happen to see the resolution of his crisis that concludes his narrative and that tells up tells us of his lesson learned since following the leader can have serious consequences especially if the leader is involved in a dangerous activity I followed the leader into a potentially deadly situation I made a stupid choice jumping from that slide all I got to show for my stupid stunt was a broken arm and a baby people past granted I got a relatively relatively easy but who knows what might have happened next time some advice for any it may concern do not follow the leader and do stupid things it will never turn out as you expected likely is not you get hurt – even shaking listen it was a simple afternoon playground so when you write your narrative essays do not ponder through yourself that you know the narrative you’re going to tell is not anything that’s really big or important usually these narratives just cover a few hours we do the deed and learn from prayer you

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